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Evo GT Professional Driver Training Simulator

Evo GT Professional Driver Training Simulator

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The Evolution GT has a driving position that accurately represents a wide range of GT cars. The driving position is completely adjustable. We are also able to integrate your own seat into the simulator so that you get the exact same feeling in the simulator as on track.

Our home simulators are designed and built to be the ultimate driver training tool, and used by both professional and hobby racing drivers. Great hardware is nothing without great software, that is why our simulators come with Pro-Sim software and car models that require the same inputs as real life. Ensuring that your practice at home is relevant to your racing.

All Professional grade simulators also come with the possibility of remote coaching, using our private servers for both on track coaching and data analysis, so we can prepare you for an upcoming event from the comfort of your home at a time that suits you.

  • Powder coated Aluminium Frame Hand Built in the UK to ISO 9001 Standards with Lifetime Warranty
  • Top of the Range Professional Grade SimSteering Force Feedback System
  • Pro-Sim Evo Pedal System
  • Electronically Adjustable Pedal Position System
  • High end Water Cooled Gaming PC ready to use
  • Motor sport Steering Wheel with Quick Release, Paddle Gear Shifters
  • High Quality Cabling
  • Pro-Sim custom training software with your choice of 2 cars from our library
  • Hand Built by Experts. Each simulators is hand built by Quaife Engineering in Kent, UK.

Prices for the Evo GT start from £23,245 plus tax where applicable, for a quote to a simulator of your specifications please contact us 01277 372 848 or email

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