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TwentyOne Performance

21R Pedal Set

21R Pedal Set

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New for 2021, designed specifically for serious racers, our competition pedal set features a polished stainless steel, laser cut design, using a 200kg load cell for accurate brake pedal control. High quality electronics and hall effect position sensors are the choice for our throttle and clutch, this ensures accurate reading and driver control of all three pedals.


Our throttle uses a high quality gas spring to provide a constant force, allowing improved control and progressive feel. The throttle also uses a hall effect sensor for accurately measuring the physical pedal position, ensuring total control of the power.


Providing feel and feedback for the brake pedal is our adjustable rubbers and spring platform. This features interchangeable design which allows you to adjust both pedal travel and stiffness. This gives you the ability to replicate feel from single seaters to classic cars. The brake features a 200kg load cell which will allow for the heaviest of uses.


Race starts are crucial, that is why our clutch also features a hall effect sensor, for super accurate pedal position, along with our clutch throw system that allows you to set a bite point feel on your pedal to suit your preference. 


Reliability is also key, that is why we are using high quality boards, used by professionals within the simulator industry. Each pedal is linked to our hub which is connected to the PC through a single USB cable.

  • High quality laser cut
  • Glass blasted satin finish
  • 200kg Load Cell for the brake pedal
  • Adjustable brake rubbers and spring system
  • Throttle and clutch featuring rotary hall effect sensor for accurate position reading
  • High quality gas spring for throttle and clutch
  • Clutch featuring adjustable spring for pedal feel and high quality gas spring providing constant force
  • Designed, built, tested and developed with real motorsport professionals with 20+ Years racing experience
  • Clutch featuring adjustable spring for pedal feel and high quality gas spring providing constant force

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