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Our bespoke simulator centre features a wide range of high fidelity cars and software developed specifically for TwentyOne Performance. With access to professional and experienced coaches in various categories, we can provide the complete tuition and race support package throughout the season. 

Simulators when configured correctly, provide a cost-effective way to analyse and develop a driver. We use software developed with our partners at Pro-Sim, which feature highly accurate physics, car and track models in order to find relevant driver performance gains.


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Our simulator features full data logging, live telemetry and analysis station, we can provide driver tuition and development using our professional coaches for benchmark data, or you can bring your own.

We record more channels than most cars in real life. Channels from both car and driver such as speed, brake, throttle and steering input, but also tyre temperatures and fuel level, so you can also develop driving to mange tyres and fuel in endurance situations.

Live driver communications which is available for driver and two engineers/coaches, enable live feedback for on track tuition, meaning you can make quick improvements in the middle of a run.

Race training

Our centre has two simulators linked up, perfect for developing race craft such as overtaking and defending, but also work on race situations you cannot practice in real life, such as safety car restarts.

Using our smaller home simulator, our professional coaches can be on track with you and use communications to provide live feedback on your race craft whilst on track.

On track tuition is available on all our cars and also include features such as a slipstream for downforce cars to provide a realistic racing situation.


Our simulator features a genuine Radical chassis, with adjustable pedal system and a choice of steering wheels styles from GT, Prototype and single seater cars.


Our 1:1 steering system gives an almost exact feel to your real life car, and can replicate forces up to Formula 2  level of steering weight, making the testing on the simulator relevant to your racing.

Our adjustable Pro-Sim braking system means we can accurately replicate the same pedal travel, feel and pad knockoff to your real life race car.

The drivers seat is also fitted with tactile feedback, so you can feel every bump and kerb on track, making it easy to feel the limit of the tracks.


Visuals play an important part in building a simulator with an accurate feel. That's why we had a screen build specifically to our specifications.


Our simulator features a 186 degree, 6 metre double curved screen. The screen fully immerses and surrounds the driver for a true on track feeling that is to scale.

Running at 120hz, the three projectors provide a smooth and clear image with a 3D image blending and warp, configured with the correct field of view, give the driver an improve sense of speed and distance. 


We have a wide range of race cars accurately modelled by Pro-Sim, using real life measurements and data. We can also recreate your race car, should we need to if we don't already have it in out library of cars.



Radical SR1

Radical SR3

Radical SR8




GT Cars

Porsche Carrera Cup

Lamborghini Super Trofeo

Ferrari Challenge

Various GT3

Various GT4


Mini Challenge

Clio Cup


Ginetta Junior

Ginetta G40 and GT5

Ginetta G55 and GT4

Single Seater

Formula 4

Formula 3

Formula 2

Formula Renault

Formula Ford

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