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TwentyOne Performance

21R Chassis

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Designed specifically for competitive online racing. Our 21R Cockpit chassis features a strong black anodized aluminium extrude design with powder coated support plates and pedal box for a range of adjustment in both pedal and steering position.


Our chassis is manufactured and built in the UK by experts with 20+ years experience in motorsport and simulation. Featuring a black anodised aluminium frame supported by accurately laser cut powder coated bracket, our chassis offers a super strong support for the hardest of uses. 


Our 10mm thick wheel deck is suitable for direct drive wheel offerings from Simucube, SimSteering and other manufactures systems. The plate is adjustable in both height, distance and angle.


The pedal plate features a range of templates suitable for 21R, Pro-Sim and Heusinkveld pedals. The plate also has height and angle adjustment to find the right position for you.


If you are looking for single or triple screen support, our built in screen support is able to be configured for a range of options from ultrawide monitors up to a triple 32 inch setup, with position and angle adjustability in both side screens to find a POV to suit.


Our seat mount allows for a range of seats to be fitted to the chassis with a range adjustment in both distance and height.

  • Laser cut and black powder coated pedal box system
  • Anodised black aluminium chassis
  • Pedal plate suitable for 21R, Pro-Sim and Heusinkveld pedals
  • Adjustable front mount steering plate built for direct drive steering systems
  • Optional Screen mounting system for up to 3x 32 inch monitors
  • Seat mount brackets included
  • Pre-built collection available from our workshops in Essex, UK on request