​Our home simulators are designed and built to be the ultimate driver training tool. But great hardware is nothing without great software, that is why our simulators come with Pro-Sim software and car models that require the same inputs as real life. Ensuring that your practice at home is relevant to your racing.

All simulators also come with the possibility of remote coaching, using our private servers for both on track coaching and data analysis, so we can prepare you for an upcoming event from the comfort of your home at a time that suits you. ​

  • Bespoke laser cut aluminium frame to ISO 9001 standards 

  • Pro-Sim Software car models

  • Professional grade SimSteering system

  • Tactile feedback

  • Hydraulic brake pedal system

  • High end water cooled PC

  • High quality cabling

  • Worldwide shipping

  • Home setup and installation available

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Our chassis are design, manufactured and hand built in the UK and meet ISO 9001 standards and come with a lifetime warranty. The frame is CNC manufactured using the best quality material and finishing.

The chassis is designed with zero flex in mind, which is essential when replicating true to life force feedback from the steering system.

Our simulators feature a wide range of adjustability in the seat, pedals and steering, means you can get the correct driving position suits you.



All our simulators feature a professional grade steering system for ultimate feel and control which reproduces a near 1:1 steering feedback to real world cars.

With over 2 million points of resolution gives a detail feedback of every bump, kerb and car rotation. Our systems are also capable of replicating 1:1 forces all the way up to Formula 2 level.

We have a range of steering wheels to suit your style of car, from Formula to GT and Saloon, and can also create custom solutions to suit your requirements.


Our pedal system offers a range of customization options to match your real life car. From brake pressure and stiffness, to individual pedal adjustment and spacing.

Using an AP braking master cylinder and our own simulated brake calipar you can create the exact brake feel for your needs. Our system can also recreate pad knock off from an adjustable nut on our system

Our Evo simulators also feature an electronically adjustable pedal box, so you can make quick changes to the pedal position within seconds.


Gear Shifters

Using the gearbox experts at Quaife Engineering, a company with over 50 years of experence, our simulators can come with the best simulator gear shifters in the industry. 

Built at Quaife, the "H" pattern and sequential shifters feature a range of adjustment so you can match your real life cars input for a almost exact feel from the shifter.


Our simulators come with professional driver training Pro-Sim software and car models that require the same inputs as real life. Ensuring that your practice at home is relevant to your racing.


We also remotely update our car models software as we regularly improve them, so you do not have to worry about installing.

We can provide support worldwide by remotely connecting to your simulator and correcting any issues without causing disruption



  • "H" Pattern Quaife gear shifter

  • Sequential Quaife gear shifter

  • 27, 49, 55 and 65 Inch, 120hz displays

  • 6 Metre wrap around double curved screen

  • ​Clutch Pedal

  • Dbox Motion system

  • GT steering wheel

  • Formula Steering wheel

  • Race season support

  • Remote coaching packages

  • Remote data analysis package

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